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What a difference a year makes…

Started my new job last Wednesday. On my very first day at the office, they were having an End of Summer BBQ. I got to work at 9am sharp. By 10:30, Justin (the owner’s son, and head of Sales) was asking me by personal preference for beer. I definitely thought they were messing with me or that the BBQ must be after work. Wrong. Around 12:30, Everyone headed upstairs to the patio/kitchen area and proceeded to enjoy all the glorious food brought by employees or being grilled on the patio. Most of the afternoon was not spent working but enjoying each other’s company, food and, for me, learning everyone’s names and positions. It was honestly a great way to get acclimated to the new coworkers, and learn about everyone. 

Last night, after working at the Country Club all morning, J and I headed to the Meadowlands to meet up with his NotreDame fanatic family. A large portion of his family went to school there, and they’re diehard fans for every sport NotreDame participates in. The traffic and time of evening was annoying to me. I may or may not have shown my vices especially when I get to the gate and some woman tells me my bag is too big to bring into the stadium. Yes, I understand they’re restricting things for safety purposes. One, my bag was within the size limits according to the stadium regulations. Two, there was nothing in my bag other than a sweatshirt, keys, and some lipgloss. Three, in my hurry, to rush back to the car and deposit my purse, I almost lost my car keys!! Thankfully, J found them. ANYWAY, We ended up winning the game so the night ended in success! We did not make it home til about 2 am. I slept most of the car ride home. However, after 4/5 beers, being awake since 6am on what should be an off day made for a VERY tired little Danielle.

I was up and back at it by 7 today. Currently working at the Country Club since 9. I’ll be helping them out since they’re so short staffed through the end of the month/November… unless I can find someone to take my place!! Anyone in need of a job in Fairfield County??

Highlight of today… They made stew in the kitchen. I love our kitchen staff. They will be something I truly miss at the new company. Going out to lunch alone or having it at the break room will never be the same as going to talk to Fernando about what kind of salad Im hoping to have that day. Also, my boss who always drives me crazy brought back Cookies from a farm nearby that he went to with his family! SO POINTS FOR HIM!

Who doesn’t love cookies?

I’m rambling… Back to work I go! Enjoy your sunday everyone!

Do any of you like coconut water and are you picky about brand?

To tell y’all about my week! But, not til after I finish catching up on tonight’s DVRs.

Also. Jake aka Scott Foley😍.

One of my best purchases ever. Not just suited for travel purposes.

Love love love this pillow😘

Definition: I don’t give a f@*£ about your clean clothes you’re trying to fold mom.

I’m letting it happen for several reasons. 1.) I left my baby behind while I went to the homeland(North Cackalacky) 2.) She pouted and barely ate while mommy was gone. 3.) I had such an amazing day that I don’t give a f@*£ either 4.) Cuddles for everybody!!

Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.
F.R.I.E.N.D.S., episode 1 (Happy 20th!)


(via goular)

(via goular)

We picked a WEDDING DAY!!!! This is the real deal, were getting married yall!!!

OCTOBER 23 2015😘