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27 years young. Southern by the Grace of God. Carolina Original. Connecticut Newcomer.Wanderlust. Believer. Animal Lover. Entrepreneur. Music & Endorphins are my therapy. I lost myself in love. I've found myself again and, luckily, love found me again too.

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pink peonies

That bath tub though. The dream.

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Meet Danny Nickerson. He’s a little 5 year old boy from Massachusetts. While most kids his age would want super action heroes or games, Danny just wants birthday cards. From anyone. Even you.

Danny has inoperable brain cancer. He will turn 6 on July 25th. His parents say he gets lonely from time to time and loves to get cards. Let’s all show him some love!

To mail Danny a card:

Danny Nickerson

P.O. Box 212 Foxboro, MA 02035


I don’t have many followers so please reblog this. His birthday is soon and all he wants is birthday cards. Please, please share this around. I’m mailing mine out tomorrow. And I’m sure he won’t care if the cards get there a little after his birthday (July 25th). Just send one please. Let him know he’s important.

It’s a legitimate story. Have your kid color a picture and stick a stamp on it—there’s still time to make a kid’s day.

I just sent a card to this little boy. You should too.

Send this little boy a card. You all have time! Go!

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I’ve got a lovely deck, a sweet little doggy, a yummy dinner in the oven and a delicious bottle of wine chilled and open… Who’s coming over?

J’s been at work all day and won’t be home til probably 9/10.

My new favorite evening activity…. It’s like having my own private pool #laps #nightlyswim #whodoithinkiam #bridget?


Bucket list

I’m going with thepreppyhippielife


Bucket list

I’m going with thepreppyhippielife

Lil Frankie’s #ithoughtitlookedcool #random